Piano works by Nikolas Sideris

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Piano works by Nikolas Sideris

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Hi all,

My name is Nikolas Sideris and I'm a composer and publisher of contemporary classical music! And I seriously hope that this thread belongs here. :)

Now, as a published composer I cannot share the published works, but I can show you youtube links (most of which show the scores) and a few freebies here and there...


Let's start with this:

Sketch Music for Solo Piano

As a piano teacher, I've always been frustrated by the lack of interesting (for me) material for younger pianists. Something that would capture their imagination, and would be interesting musically, outside the boundaries of tonality. I know that there are scores like that, but as a composer I thought of creating my own...

The result was a collection of 21 works for solo piano, ranging from Grade 2 (whatever grade this may be) to around grade 6 or so... The total length of all the works should be around 20 minutes. The score is illustrated with B&W sketches, by an amazing artist, named Piero Pierini. Some may be a tad too much for younger pianists, but I think you'd agree that it's something all together different from the usual stuff out there.

Bellow are 3 videos featuring a total of 10 out of the 21 works in the score.


Piano Stories for Piano, 4 hands

This is my recently published and released work(s) for piano 4 hands. A total of 7 works/movements (depending if you will treat it as a single work, or a collection of works), it lasts around 16 minutes long. A bit more difficult than the above, but yet, playful and interesting (I hope), it features some melodic ideas, to a stretch of tonality.

Here's a playlist with 5 out of 7 works in youtube:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PsdvCIwm ... xZBi78_7ar

That's me playing and Myrto Akrivou, a wonderful Greek pianist.

Finally from the official things that I've done

Perniciosus for solo piano.

This is an older work of mine (dated in 2005), which is very challenging for the pianist, unlike the above two. A total length of 11 minutes more or less, it features a very harsh and aggressive style of playing...

In the video bellow you can follow the whole score, and the performance was done by Kristian Banatzianou, a Bulgarian pianist.



Now that the above are done, in the attachment you'll find a few free scores, from various short projects, I've done in the (recent) past. Each one has a short explanation on the file...

Enjoy, comment, provide feedback, etc...
duets for barbara.pdf
tims chromatic etude.pdf
gisele chromatic etude.pdf
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