Garritan Steinway: what I like, what needs fixing

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Garritan Steinway: what I like, what needs fixing

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Dear all,

yesterday, I have installed Garritan Steinway (Standard Edition). After playing the whole night with it, I would like to share my impressions:
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First, there is something unique about this library. Regardless of what I'll be saying a few lines later, I do not at all regret having bought it. Probably I'm too technically oriented to adequately describe what it actually is, but this library is special. I just like the sound and the feel of authenticy. It may be related to the ambience recording approach and it may be the piano itself. Congratulations!

But I also have a wishlist for improvements:

(1) How does it come that the piano appears to be not as perfectly voiced as one would expect from steinway's master technician? I am particularly referring to g" which falls out of the context. I think the samples for this note have to be replaced with those of one of the neighboring tones!

(2) Noise floor: this has been mentioned before and I do not think it is a big issue. What might be disturbing under certain conditions, however, is that the ending of the release sample is audible (at least when listening rather load with headphones). In the release samples, there is an audible noise floor, and when the sample stops, the noise rather suddenly disappears. Probably a certain level of noise is inevitable with ambience recording and I can perfectly live with it, but, as I said, it may be irritating when this noise stops at the end of a sample. Probably one should loop the end of the samples and fade them out more smoothly!
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(3) Stretched tuning: how does it come that many tunings are offered (and described in detail), but the one I like most is missing (stretched tuning)? Does steinway consider this tuning to be sort of a fad? Or did someone simply forget to implement it?

(4) The first thing that stroke me was a rather modest dynamic range (with respect to volume). I am not complaining about the range of character. Everything is there, from very light to majestetic. But the volume range is quite modest as compared to other libraries. I am not saying that this is bad. Indeed, I always considered the dynamic range of some other libraries to be somewhat unnatural. However, a compromise might be best. What about adding the option to enhance the dynamic range, so that samples with high velocity get slightly more volume?
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anyway, this i a great library!
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