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An archive of scores from the old Pianophilia board, and old threads from this board.
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Pianophilia Archive

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The current Pianophilia setup is in fact its third incarnation. When Malcolm acquired PP in 2009 the first priority was to update the software to a system which had more of the features we felt were necessary for a board of this type, and hence the move to our current setup of phpBB. The old board was left open to old users, but closed to new ones. Recently, the old board was closed down when it became clear that the software was not compatible with updated system software installed by our ISP. After some thought, we have decided as far as we can to make many of the old uploaded files available to current PP users. These files were uploaded to the old PP after January 2008.

This section of Pianophilia is an archive of the most interesting and productive threads from the old PP board which closed down in September 2009. The threads showcase music uploads scanned and/or uploaded by the thread originator and in general not available anywhere else. In most cases a PDF of the original thread is included.

Our sincere thanks goes to those people who spent countless hours scanning and uploading files for our benefit. This part of PP stands as a tribute to their efforts.

The Pianophilia Team