My Piano Hunting adventures today

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My Piano Hunting adventures today

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I spent this morning piano hunting. It was quite fun!
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First up is a 1982 Schimmel. 5'8" as I recall. Great tone. Beautiful to look at with an African Mahogany? polished finish. Needs some regulation but sounded and played pretty darn good. He had an appraisal done on it as I think he is going to donate it if it doesn't sell which valued it around $12k which is his asking price. He is getting ready to move to a boat. Didn't act like he was going to come off of the price for whatever reason. Used to have a player on it which was removed and the screw holes to match. Not the original buyer and said he bought it from a Steinway dealer. After seeing a Schimmel at Piano Works (Sam Bennett's store and a much newer and nicer model) I have to say I really like this brand.

Next up was a 1999 Petrof Model IV: Has a pianodisc player installed which uses floppy discs. Bought new from an Atlanta dealer with original bill of sale. Hasn't been tuned in 10 years and sounded like it. Needs some serious regulation. Dampers weren't working on lots of keys.Lots of dust, but no discernible cracks on soundboard or bridges. It also had a heating/cooling vent directly underneath it. Asking $10k and seemed VERY open to an offer. I'm betting I could get it for much less. Hard to tell about tone though as it was so out of tune. It would definitely have to be inspected before making an offer.

Went to another dealer in Atlanta. Was shocked at how good the Yamaha N3 was (digital). It might have been an N3X and forgot to ask until after I left. Costs $16k though! Shocking though how good the digitals are getting. If the prices on the hybrids ever start seriously coming down, the acoustic market is REALLY going to have something to contend with. But at $16k I bet a lot are going to pass for the "real" deal.

Pastor texted me the following about an hour ago regarding the Kawai RX5 that I've written about previously:
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"The piano was purchased about 12 years ago and I came around 8 years ago. Not sure if that original documentation can be located. I'll have the office admin draw up some appropriate documentation.
I should have everything worked out next week"

I'm more and more likely to not have anything to do with this piano.

I also looked a Hailun 178 (new) at Piano Works last week that sounds incredible and is new with the warranty and dealer support that goes with it. It means a lot knowing that Sam Bennett is standing behind you on this one as well. I'm going to go have another look at that one soon if he doesn't sell it in the meantime.

I've got a lot to process mentally, but it has been a lot of fun looking around so far. I know I'm all over the place on this search, but I feel like my desires are slowly coming into focus and I'm not in a huge hurry.
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Just my amateur observations....Don't rip me apart TOO bad
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