Is anyone using the NI Electrik Piano?

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Is anyone using the NI Electrik Piano?

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Is anyone using the NI Electrik Piano package? Has anyone ever used this at a gig or as part of a pro score or track?
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The reason I ask is that I first found this to be a really nice instrument. Then I noticed the problem with C one octave above middle C. It is also in the notes close to this C but to a lesser extent. It has this awful sound under the normal note sound that reminds me of someone tapping a paper bag with a plastic spoon. It is most prevalent in most the MKI patches, though I hear it a little (though not nearly as bad) in some of the MKII patches too. I don't think the other instruments in the package have the problem. Also, the lower and high registers do not have the problem.

Tech support initially gave me the run around telling me to try this and that. Well, I tried 2 different sound cards, different sample rates, etc, all to no avail. Finally they broke down and told me that it is a known problem but from their response I also gathered that they have no intention of ever fixing it.

The odd thing though is that when I scour the net, all I can find are glowing reviews of the package and not a single mention of this problem. At first this lead me to think maybe something was wrong with my system, but it works fine for may other much more strenuous sample packages (such as G. Steinway and EWQLP). And I finally sent recordings of it to NI afterwards, they admitted it was a known problem. I just wonder, how can anyone have ever used this with this awful problem? It drives me absolutely nuts every time I play it and end up striking that note and hearing that sound.
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Also, NI's response really surprised me. How can they possibly not release a fix for this? After studying it a bit more, I have come to the conclusion that it is some form of clipping on the sample. But, I was really surprised at NI who I previously I thought very highly of.

Anyway, I was just wondering if I'm the only person in the world who's either ever bought this package or who ever noticed the problem? Do other people just ignore this???
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