4 hands on ONE piano

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Re: 4 hands on ONE piano

Post by fredbucket »

For those of us who've been around for a (probably far too) long time, the nature of PianoPhilia has changed somewhat over the years. The rise of sites such as IMSLP coupled with major digitisation projects from libraries all over the world has meant that the complete works of major (and not so major) composers are now freely available on the Net.

So I would ask that uploaders please ensure that their scores are "unique" in that sense, meaning not easily obtainable elsewhere or else are new scans of editions not easily obtainable elsewhere. Whilst PianoPhilia has plenty of space available (currently we have ~70 gigabytes of scores), we still want to make sure we are a quality as well as quantity site.

So, to all of our valued uploaders, please keep up the good work. We need you...

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Re: 4 hands on ONE piano

Post by Olga »

Here is my contribution into the collection of Mariya Sagradova's transcriptions. The Dance of the Pirates from the ballet "Spartacus" by Aram Khachaturyan for 4 hands.
Khachaturyan, Aram - Dance_of_the_Pirates_from_the_ballet_'Spartacus'.pdf
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