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Re: Liszt

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soh choon wee wrote: Fri Apr 23, 2021 11:25 am I like to ask a question on Transcendental Etude no 10, appassionata, on the interlocking chords....

Most (i would think all) will play with left hand over right hand......(and the prescribed fingerings)

Question, is this the only solution? Are there alternatives?


(recently, i had a student who somehow find it awkward with conventional fingering.... and find interchanging the hand more manageable........ His hand is quite muscular, and short fingers, not the long slender ones.....)
At low speed, it seems OK, but i am hesitant should i suggest him to adopt the conventional fingering...... i have no idea how it will turn out some months later when he play full speed....
Neither my fingers nor my feeble brain will permit me to play those two opening bars as intended by Liszt, so here's a 'cheating' way of getting round the problem.
Liszt Study No.10 Simplified Start.pdf
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