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Tomasz Kamieniak

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Book of Secrets (Buch der Geheimnisse) op.25, composed in 2003, is the first part of the dyptique, which continuation in the form of Book of Illusion. Book of Secrets consists of twelve pieces entitled symbolically: Resurrection (Auferstheung), Rainbow (Regenbogen), Notturno I, Gloom (Dunkelheit), Lacrimosa, Power of Truth (Die Kraft der Wahrheit), Notturno II, For Death (Für Tod), The Truth is out there (Die Wahrheit ist draußen), Secret (Geheimnis), Notturno III, Salvation (Erlösung). Finally Salvation. The book is being closed. The circle rolles to the begining. The inversion of the texture of Ressurection takes place – starting with the sequence of five sounds in a high register, ending with the chord C major repeated five times. Who we are, where do we come from, where do we go to? I ask knowing that I will not find the answer. I’m closing the book inside me. I’m not escaping. The unseen possible will seize us. Sooner, later, only to persevere at hope that the kingdom of snowflakes will come. I like the sight of dry leaves at the height of summer. I accept the anxiety of unceasing quests. Only sometimes, when the mystery overgrows me I look for it in the simplicity of events and things. That what is simple will heal us. The strings of light, streaks of shadow, rustle of dry leaves at the height of summer and the trace of existence on the wall. The simple trust in Ressurection, Truth and Salvation. (Irena Jakuboszczak)

Notturno III. It is characterised by the highest intensification of emotions among all three nocturnos of the cycle. Its whole structure is based on the motive of identity. Longing for the unspoken, full of strength and resignation. Contradictory states of the spirit yearning for the harmony of the universe.
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I like a lot the suite op37..specially the tango that I wish I could have the score!! Keep up the good work.
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