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About Pianophilia

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We rescue composers from certain oblivion!


We try.

This is just one aspect of our work: taking odd, dusty, neglected corners of the repertoire that have long since been consigned to the deafness of anonymity and doing a fairly thorough research job on them. Musical archeology if you like?

Pianophilia was founded by Jan Terje Augestad in 2003 as a discussion forum for those who love pianos and piano music. Since that time, whilst not losing that original aim, Pianophilia has developed into a multifaceted board discussing all types of classical music, musicians and instruments from the dawn of civilisation to the present day and beyond. Our members include professional composers and performers, publishers, concert promoters and recording producers as well as a solid core of dedicated music lovers from all parts of the world. Over the years we have grown into a real community of friends who enjoy each others' company, thoughts, humour and ideas.

The vast cumulative knowledge, deep understanding and musical expertise to be found in these webpages is only rivalled by the extraordinary patience, dedication and sheer dogged determination shown by many in our community who spend countless hours tracking down next-to-unknown scores and scanning and posting them so that we increase our collective knowledge. By creating such a remarkable treasure trove of rare sheet music we hope we are playing our part in preserving our valuable musical culture for future generations and posterity, as well as enjoying the music ourselves of course, by playing, singing or reading it, or perhaps just listening to it whilst we follow the score. Our researches regularly encourage our many performing members to present our rarities to the public, so that our many-tentacled influence reaches all corners of the globe - well, every continent except Antarctica!

We hope that we are not a bunch of snotty-nosed esoterics who like nothing better than the dust of antique libraries, but are a living and growing group of talented individuals who respect the past and its achievements and glories, and who are firmly rooted in the present time with a significant vision of the future and where music is taking us - and where we are taking music.

It is also important to note that all of our downloads are provided free of charge. This has not stopped sites such as pianorarescores from offering the same files for a cost. If you choose to pay for something which can be obtained free from here, then that is your problem :)