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Re: Piano Quartets

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This is a bit of a stretch, as this is only an 'optional' piano quartet. Quite a few of this prolific French composer's other works are available at IMSLP, including a string quartet and other chamber pieces:


Georges MIGOT
Quartet, for flute, violin, clarinet, and harp (or piano quartet) (1924)
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Re: Piano Quartets

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Does anyone have the flute, violin and cello parts to the Hummel arrangement of Mozart's K365 concerto? I actually wanted to perform it with some people but only have the solo piano part.

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Anyone know where I can get a PDF score for the "Ries Piano Quartet Op. 17, No. 2 in E-flat" online for free?

The piece – though not as well known as the other early-romantic Piano Quartets of its time – should definitely be listed in the public domain (IMSLP), given the date of its publishing. However, I haven't been able to come across any online PDFs for the work (which I'll need for approval to study the piano quartet with a small chamber group early next year)! I found one version on Sheetmusicplus; available for ~$66.00 [but I'm a College student so that's definitely not happening!]. Does anyone know where I can find a copy/does anyone have a scanned PDF copy themselves who could send it to me? Thanks!
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Re: Piano Quartets

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I do not know if it is out of copyright, but does anyone have Bartók's Piano Quartet, DD.52?

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