Handmade SHEETMUSIC bookbindings -useful service provided!

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Handmade SHEETMUSIC bookbindings -useful service provided!

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Hello to everyone!

this is my first post here, after some time reading and discovering very interesting and obscure composers (and their sheetmusic!) thanks to many people here. I wasn't very sure if this is the exact forum to post this, but can't find any other more suitable.

I'm a classical pianist from Argentina, and appart from the study of the piano I'm a bookbinder. I specialize in sheetmusic bindings, all handmade and by request in 100% personalized ways. I make hardcover books, both covered in cloth or in beautiful special textured papers, and with the titles embossed in golden / silver letters, or with the original covers printed in the front. the books I make are sewn, not glued at the spine, so they lay perfectly flat no matter the size of the book, and are perfect for performance directly from the piano stand, without having to force the covers to stay open. I have a wide variety of colours, materials and designs, and a HUGE catalogue with many editions to choose from.

I'm not trying to spam, but to get my work known to musicians around the world, since I was told it is a very unusual service and I think it can be very useful for musicians. you can have a look at my work at my instagram page, @delfauno.encaudernaciones. I ship worldwide so feel free to ask!
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