Fake 'Pianists'

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Fake 'Pianists'

Post by dhruvapunde »

Did anyone here come across 'pianists' like Claudio Colombo or Alicja Kot? Their playing seems so incredibly fake and mechanical (check these also these guys have recorded almost every piece in existence. Another main reason why I think they are fake because I literally cannot find any information on these artists. Let me know what do you guys think and also are there any other fake pianists like them out there.
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Re: Fake 'Pianists'

Post by Jean-Séb »

Yes, it seems now rather common, and the progress of computer means is such that it sometimes hard to tell whether it is true or fake.
Here the two recordings seems obviously machine made.
I found this article :
https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q ... QF-_Hmdltz
There are cycles that are unworthy of discussion or outright fraudulent, i.e. not actual piano playing and/or of excrutiating quality and/or cobbled together from other performances. Most famouslyJoyce Hatto, but apparently also Vladimir Morrone, Giancarlo Andretti, Alicja Kot, and Claudio Colombo.
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