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Creating a website/database aiming to map all public pianos

Posted: Mon Sep 25, 2017 9:14 am
by anrizel
Hello everyone,

I started learning to play the piano about a year ago (actually, a public piano in a train station served as inspiration and motivation for me to start taking piano lessons).

I got hooked and I began playing the piano almost everyday and sometimes for hours and I started wondering what travelling pianists do when they are away from home.

Although my initial background is in humanities and I am still working on my tech skills, I decided to create a database with all the public pianos, practice rooms, music studios and apartments with pianos that I could find in order to make sure that wherever I would travel, I would always have access to a piano.

Roads and Keys -

What do you think of my project? If there is something that you like or don't like, please let me know...