My 6 year old wants to learn.

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My 6 year old wants to learn.

Post by levisaunders »

Hi everyone..

My 6 year old daughter wants piano lessons which is music to my ears. Her school she attends has a piano teacher there but have herd some things that make me question her ability to teach my daughter. My question is would it be worth seeking someone better outside the school program to do this? Are there some tell tail signs of a good teacher to look for?? I really want to give her the best chance to enjoy everything she has an interest in..

Many thanks..

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Re: My 6 year old wants to learn.

Post by HullandHellandHalifax »

Hi Levi,
that is excellent news, here's hoping that it ends up successfully for all concerned. You ask a very important and difficult question to answer because one man's great teacher is anothers nightmare, it all comes down to how two people interact. What I can say is that in Russia they only allow the very best teachers to teach young children, from the experiences of friends that moved to Russia for work I know this to be true. The quality of the Russian teaching and the teaching material is second to none, so in that respect I would say find the best teacher you can for your daughter and certainly someone that is recommended by others and who has lots of experience of working with young children.
The important thing in the beginning is to encourage the child to want to play and not just thrust rules etc. down their throats, who cares if their fingering is a mess in the beginning, as they play more those problems will take care of themselves, that I know from my own experience, the fun of playing and of discovery of what lies hidden between the pages of a brightly coloured book must be the first priority.
Obviously I don't know what you have been told about the teacher at school but it might be an idea to ask if it is possible that you can sit in on a lesson and form your own opinion, they may not allow it but it is worth asking. At least you will be able to see if the teacher's personality will be compatible with that of your daughter.
I wish you the best of luck.
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Re: My 6 year old wants to learn.

Post by timgill »

Well said Brian. Absolutely vital that (a) teacher and pupil get on well, and (b) teacher can communicate knowledge to her/him; also to be able to deal with the rather short attnenton span of a six-year-old.

My three daughters all started on piano (and other instruments) at around 6 years old, and we chose their teachers mainly through personal recommendation, although being in the music business I already knew a few good ones.

I'm sure you know some kids of tour daughter's age who are already learning piano, so why not ask them if they enjoy their lessons and if they have a "nice" teacher?
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