a question concerning downloads drom RSL (USSR)

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a question concerning downloads drom RSL (USSR)

Post by Augsburg »

Good evening

in my opinion it seems there is by now a difference against earlier times when attempting to download a file, which was "immediately" possible.
Now, an additional window pops up, in russian language, and here I am: my knowledge of that language tends asymptotically to zero, i.e., I don't have any clue to surmount this obstacle.

Should you don't have/see any problems, please tell me, what I have to do.

thank you very much
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Re: a question concerning downloads drom RSL (USSR)

Post by didi »

Hi Augsburg

I'm late

G to
Then search for something. assume Arensky.
Choose the 60 files.
You can download only the green scores.
Choose Acrobat reader and click on the button on the end.

Now the Russian Window pops up.
Take the right button, NOT THE left.
Now a windows should pop up to store the file.
The file speed is limited to 56 kbps, so for larger file it will take some time.

Hope this helps.

BR // Didi
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