21st Century Composers - Forum Guidelines

A forum for the approved uploads of works by living composers
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21st Century Composers - Forum Guidelines

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Whilst Pianophilia has many sections dealing with composers whose works are now out of copyright, it has nonetheless attracted a number of gifted composers, arrangers and transcribers. This has led us to identify a clear need for a forum devoted exclusively to sharing the work of living composers.

This forum is designed to showcase the work of living composers who wish to distribute and share their work freely with other musicians. It should provide the perfect environment for sharing and analysis with feedback from our many talented musicians which will benefit both the creators and the performers of new music. It is intended that the major focus of this forum should be the sharing of scores - discussion of the music of other living composers and related matters may best be left to the other music forums in Pianophilia.

It is preferred that the creator of the work will upload his or her own work. If the work is in manuscript, there are people here who may be able to assist in typesetting the score. Where a composer has authorised a Pianophilia member to upload their work publicly here, then that member should seek authority from one of the administrators or moderators before posting such work.

We hope this unique Pianophilia feature will interest most of our members. Our art has to be a living, developing art rather than one which has a museum-like quality. We hope our members will avail themselves of the opportunity to share their work with other members in this forum.

Thank you
The Pianophilia Team
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