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Re: Organ Symphonies (solo, without orchestra)

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HullandHellandHalifax wrote:Dear Friends and organ enthusiasts,
I have just been informed of a CD that has been published of my Organ Symphony in a sort-of double world premiere possibly.
Not only is it the premiere of my Symphony on a Cavaille-Coll/Mutin organ but the first where the organist/composer was present only through a symbiotic mind-smelting link and the resulting perfect performance captured via the computer.
The CD just arrived in the post on Wednesday. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! I'm going to be enjoying this for sometime- don't miss the 'Adagio'. Nice going, Brian. Will PM you.
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Re: Organ Symphonies (solo, without orchestra)

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Dear organ enthusiasts,
this is a SPAM MESSAGE,
I have just finished Organ Symphony No.2 "Cheyenne" which I will gladly send asa pdf to those who want a copy. It may be of interest to our American friends because all the themes used are songs sung by the Cheyenne Indians.
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Re: Organ Symphonies (solo, without orchestra)

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Hi Brian, it's unfortunate that no one ever replied to your post. I am interested in your Organ Symphony! Although I do not play organ.. Could you PM me about it? :)
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Re: Organ Symphonies (solo, without orchestra)

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Following on from my posts years ago about Sorabji's three organ symphonies, I have suddenly now realised my omission in failing to mention that, since mid-2012, these scores (as well as all other Sorabji scores) are now available in .pdf format, which makes them vastly cheaper to acquire than the paper copies (which we still supply, of course).

Also, Kevin Bowyer has completed his project to make typeset critical editions of all three organ symphonies and these are likewise available in both .pdf and paper format.

Kevin has also asked us to issue short extracts from the Second Organ Symphony, given the daunting nature of the work as a whole; so far, we are issuing the Toccata from the symphony's finale but there will in time be more highlights from the work.

Kevin will perform the Second Organ Symphony on 10 February next to inaugurate the new Klais organ in University of Iowa.

To complete his project, he proposes to record and perform all three over the next few years. As they amount to some 18 hours of the most demanding music ever written for the instrument, this will inevitably require much preparation time, especially as Kevin has yet to learn the Third Organ Symphony.

For further information, please write to .
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