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Information for new users - please read first.
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Registration Procedures

Post by fredbucket »

Users wishing to participate in Pianophilia must register before they can so do. Registration is free and automated. This post details the minimum requirements for a registration to be accepted.

The first task is to click on the REGISTER tag directly underneath the 'Donate to Pianophilia' link. The registration screen will appear, and you must approve the general terms of use by clicking on 'I agree to these terms'.

You will then be presented with the Registration screen. Please fill out all fields as required.
Email address
A valid email address needs to be specified, since the procedure will send a confirmatory email to that address which needs to be replied to.
Full Name
A valid and sensible full name (i.e. first and last name) is required. Nonsensical answers here will result in your registration being deleted. In particular, repeating your username as your full name is not acceptable. Please note that your full name is only accessible by the forum administrators and is not and never will be able to be seen by other users. We respect privacy but do not allow anonymity.
Importantly, you must click on "Yes, I agree" in the Authorisation field. This also implies that you are also approving and agree to abide by all of the board policies, requirements and procedures. Failure to so do will result in your registration being deleted.
Email Confirmation
You will then receive an email in your nominated email account which will require you to click on a link to complete the authorisation. This email will normally arrive soon after you have submitted your original registration. If this does not occur, the most likely reason is that your spam filter may have misintepreted the message as spam and the message is sitting in your spam folder. This message may take anything up to 10 minutes or so to arrive in your mailbox.

Administrators can activate registrations if all else fails. PLEASE only contact admins as a last resort (after searching your junk mail folder), and when you do contact us, please state your selected user-id, email that is being used for the account and your full name.

Once all registration tasks have been completed, you will be free to use all of the features and facilities on the board. Please note, however, that your first message will be subject to approval by one of our moderators. This, as you will realise, is to minimise the possibility of new users deliberately flouting the stated rules of this board.

Have fun, and please contribute as much and in as many ways as you can. Thank you for joining Pianophilia.

Thank you
The Pianophilia Team