File Naming Conventions

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File Naming Conventions

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Pianophilia is now much busier than ever. It is important it remains well organised and easy to use for all members.

Our thread creation and naming standards clarify what to expect in any particular thread. Similarly, we need to label any uploaded files appropriately and clearly. To that end, members must place the composer's name at the front of the filename of every single-composer score uploaded. For example: Bortkiewicz S - Op 17 Lamentations & Consolations. Please note that we will enforce this particular aspect of filenaming. This will ease everyone's use of the site, and it is perfectly reasonable to expect all members to comply.

We also strongly encourage members to include additional details: opus number or catalogue number (eg Bach, Mozart), date of composition, forces required etc. Please note that there is a discussion in the Support Area which covers filenaming standards which members may wish to consider or adopt.

We understand that some will dislike this rule because of their own data organisation regimes, and so this may entail a mild inconvenience for some members. However this rule will improve usability for the vast number of users.

In order to maximise the efficiency with we utilise our webspace we generally prefer members to link to sites like IMSLP and the Sibley Library at Eastman-Rochester rather than loading publicly available files to Pianophia, unless there is a strong over-riding reason. Similarly for larger files (currently limited to 12mb), please compress such files with WinRar, WinZip or 7Zip before loading to Pianophilia.

For large collections of files please do not flood a thread with massive numbers of uploads to the Pianophilia webspace, instead utilise an off-site filehost like Rapidsahre or Mediafile, and post the link to Pianophilia. This will spread our webspace a little further.

Thank you.

The Pianophilia Team.