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Thread Creation Guidelines

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1. Before creating a new thread, always use the search function to look though existing threads. Always reuse threads where possible. The creation of many hundreds of threads will make the site difficult to navigate effectively and will likely duplicate existing threads.

2. In creating a new thread, please use imagination and think not necessarily about your own immediate needs but about how the new thread might develop over time. Create something that will invite others to contribute new material to everyone's benefit.

3. Try not to overlap with existing threads, although sometimes of course this is quite unavoidable. If in doubt contact one of the moderators.

3. Do not create a thread just to request a single work. Find the appropriate thread and place your request. If in doubt contact one of the moderators. Single work request threads will be deleted without warning.

4. This website is primarily about music discussion, sharing information and ideas rather than the exchange of scores. When posting a score by an obscure composer a brief biography will usually help to put the work into perspective, and so is strongly encouraged. Invite others to contribute to such explorations. We are particularly good at taking a corner of the repertoire and researching it thoroughly. A huge corpus of expertise and musicianship exists within our community. If you contribute imaginatively and with a degree of knowledge then you can be sure your post will spark interest.

5. Forum Categories:

Pianophilia consists of a number of discrete areas
  • Keyboard Music discussion
    Organ Music discussion
    Chamber Music discussion
    Orchestral Music discussion
    Vocal Music discussion
    Sound & Video Recording discussion
    Recital & Concert discussion
    The Piano Forum
Each area within Pianophilia is fairly self-explanatory, although a few notes for guidance appear below:

Scores for one or more pianos alone (however many players) should be placed in the Keyboard Music discussion area. Works in which the piano is the leading soloist in a concertante work may also be placed in this area. Music for most other keyboards (harpsichord, clavichord, fortepiano etc) also belong in this category. The organ has an area all of its own.

Chamber Music discussion will cover any instrument (other than piano) either solo or with other instruments (including piano) in ensembles smaller than an orchestra. We hope that isn't too confusing? Orchestral music has its own area.

Vocal Music discussion will cover solo vocal, choral, opera, oratorio and so on.

Exceptions to the above come in the form of Single Composer or Composer Group threads, eg: The Music of Portugal, Les Six, Handel, Prokofiev, The Scriabinists, The Contemporaries of Beethoven, etc etc, where anything associated with the subject may be posted.

The remaining areas of the site are self-explanatory. Try to avoid discussion of policy, file naming conventions or forum features and software issues in the music discussion areas - such matters belong in the Support areas.

There were 1100 topics on the last (and third) incarnation of Pianophilia. We intend to have far less thread topics this time round.

Thank you.

The Pianophilia Team.