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Re: Auditions

Post by Laertes » Mon Nov 30, 2009 5:59 pm

@ HullandHellandHalifax: Yeah, it's a requirement to play from memory, but actually, I play mostly everything from memory. I'm not an extremely fast hands together sight reader yet. Thank you for those words of encouragement though. I'll be sure to keep all that in mind come audition day :]

@ Arjuna: Well actually, at the library I work at there is a piano in the back room that they let me play any time I want. Sometimes people overhear me and come in to listen although after they come in and say "That was beautiful! Play something else!" I'm always at a loss of what to play next.
Last year I was invited to come into the music history teachers class in my school and play Fur Elise and Rondo alla Turca, I only played the first half of the latter because I was too nervous that I'd keep messing up.
Also sometimes during holidays or family gatherings I play for my family in my living room.
I've gotten a little better than the first time I played in public but I definitely need to get the leg shaking under control -__-
I'll keep working on that..

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