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Some suggestions for improvements in The Grand 3

Posted: Sat Sep 23, 2017 5:08 am
by doomsmith
Hi...some of you might have already heard that Steinberg has released The Grand 3 and that the acoustic pianos were recorded and produced by Worra and SampleTekk. Very good work there indeed! The Yamaha C7 piano on it alone is one of the best, most accurate Yamaha C7 sampled piano I have ever heard. It sounded almost exactly like the real one I played at a piano store recently.

I do have a few suggestions for improvements, maybe in an update or the next version? One is that I don't hear too much difference between the Player perspective and the Close perspective. Wouldn't it make more sense to have something like a Player/Close perspective and a Audience/Far perspective so that users can choose if they want a dry version or one with more of the natural reverb of the acoustic space it was recorded in. Maybe a Far perspective can be added in an update or later version?

Another suggestion is to have more low, darker velocity layers. I believe that The Grand 3 has up to 20 velocity layers. They are very nice sounding and transition very is just that they all sound kind of bright. It would be nice to have some softer, mellower lower velocity layers for some very pianissimo playing. I wonder if some instrument programming could address this or if more low velocities have been recorded that could be later added as an updated version (SampleTekk is the master of velocities).

Apart from that, the sound quality is excellent and the production values are fantastic, coming as it is from SampleTekk. I only make these suggestions to improve an already great product.