Want to upgrade to a baby grand/grand piano

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Want to upgrade to a baby grand/grand piano

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When I was learning piano as a kid, my parents got a Yamaha U3 that I played on for the last 15-20 or so years. I haven't had access to it lately since I went to college and later moved, but I am about to move back to my hometown. They are willing to give me the piano. It's a very lovely piano, but I've always somewhat dreamt of owning a baby grand piano (or grand, if it would work in the house) and my mom hinted my dad may be open to the idea of getting one for me as a present (belated wedding present? belated graduation present? or some other excuse hehe). Anyway, even if he isn't open, I'd still like to consider getting one.

Hubby and I are moving back and getting a house that will have a den, that I would like to turn into a studio. I've started teaching here and there and I'm enjoying it. I'm not too sure how big the den is yet.

I'm new to the market of pianos. What is the least or how much should I expect to pay to get a grand piano (used or otherwise) that would be an upgrade in an instrument from my current U3, assuming the U3 is in good condition and has been well taken care of?

What brands should I be considering? I do favor Yamahas since that's what I am used to, but I'm open to other reputable brands.
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