Piano suggestions for live playing on a mono system

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Piano suggestions for live playing on a mono system

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I'm frustrated with the Kurzweil SP88 that they have at the church where I play as part of of a band (Bass, Ac Guitar, Kit, Keyboards, Vocals). The piano sound is quite brittle and the Hammond and Rhodes sounds aren't much chop either.

Sometimes I take a keyboard in from the home studio (Roland VR-760), but while it has much better B3 and Rhodes, it doesn't have that great a piano either, and also I'm getting sick of lugging gear in my "old age". So I'm thinking instead of chucking my MacbookPro and Apogee Duet in a backpack and running a decent Piano sound as a plugin.

While I've seen various recommendations here for Piano virtual instruments for recording or for playing enjoyment from the player's perspective, I'm wondering if anyone had suggestions for Piano instruments I could look into that would work well for live playing on a mono PA (PA summed to a centrally mounted pair of monitors). And it has to work OK on a laptop (2.66Ghz i7, 8GB RAM, 7200rpm 500GB Drive).

Thanks for any help.

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