Classical record labels

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Classical record labels

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As ever, the mods will decide whether this new topic is appropriate...

I have received my latest Toccata Classics newsletter as a member of their Discovery Club.
As many of you will be aware, TC has been recording and releasing the music of lesser-known composers since the company was set up by Martin Anderson. Indeed, it is one of their primary aims as a record label.

These are, of course, quite tough times economically and all record labels, especially the independent ones, are, I'm sure, finding it quite hard to keep up momentum with all the plans they have for recording.

To this end, they have asked members of their Discovery Club to spread the word about membership, so as to increase awareness of what TC does and what they are hoping to continue doing in the future.

If anyone is interested, please see the excerpt below from the latest newsletter:

We’re sure that the Discovery Club ( is something that should appeal to a wide range of music-lovers – from the hard-core obscure-repertoire enthusiasts (guilty as charged!) to the curious listener looking for new treats. And we wonder whether you, our existing members, might like to help – the more members we have, the more Toccata Classics ( and Toccata Press ( can do.

Sign up a new member and claim two free CDs

Longer-standing members may recall that a couple of years back we launched a membership initiative: if you can persuade someone else to join, not only does he or she get the two free Toccata Classics CDs or a free Toccata Press book for people joining and rejoining, you do too – you can likewise claim two free CDs or a free book by way of thanks for your efforts. Well, that still holds good: for every new member who signs up through your good offices, you can claim two free CDs or a free book.

Tell us what you think

Two half-page advertisements in Gramophone and BBC Music earlier this year – primarily to draw attention to the new releases – also brought an encouraging response also to the Discovery Club, attracting a number of new members (welcome once more!). It seems to us here at Toccata Classics that the best way of persuading potential new members that they might consider joining is to ask you, the existing membership, to tell them what you think. If you’d like to help, please drop us a line at to say why you (re)joined, what it is about Toccata Classics (and/or Toccata Press) that you like or might wish to promote, why you think other people would enjoy being members – basically, anything you feel might encourage other like-minded folk to sign up. And let us know whether you are happy for us to quote your name or whether you would prefer to remain anonymous.
Obviously I'm not sharing this so as to get two free CDs! I have been interested in the work of Toccata Classics for some time now and want them to go as far as possible.

Thanks for your time!


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Re: Classical record labels

Post by Scriabinoff »

I came across this document discussing the associated recordings with the New Music Quarterly issues I posted (and more!). Just a cool FYI, may also prove useful for folks doing research and trying to locate audio examples of some of the works (which might be the only recordings as for the most part NMQ was dedicated to publishing and recording music that was deemed unprofitable and would otherwise not recieve any or at the most very little attention).
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Re: Classical record labels

Post by Timtin »

Has anyone noticed how there seems to be an increasing tendency
nowadays for CD release dates not to coincide with the actual physical
availability of the CDs themselves?

I don't know why this is, but I do know that it is quite annoying to
see dealers advertising release dates, then finding that the 'pre-order'
button hasn't changed to an 'order now' button, often for weeks after
the release date has passed by.
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Re: Classical record labels

Post by Klavier »

While I prefer physical media or hi-re FLAC/DSD files, one nice aspect about Qobuz is that they often get new releases weeks before the physical counterpart is available.
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