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Re: World Premiere CD Recordings

Posted: Wed Jul 27, 2022 6:00 pm
by Timtin
Continuing my one-man Schumann love-in, I recently purchased (for a ridiculously low price) his complete piano works on 13 CDs, recorded nearly 50 years ago by the late Jorg Demus. The recording quality is pretty good, considering its age, although occasionally the piano sounds almost like a harp! What's really fascinating is that he presented the 5 Posthumous Variations to the wonderful Symphonic Studies Op.13 as an entirely separate set of variations, with the main theme replayed to start them off. But its duration is about twice that of its first appearance, and with some minor alterations. The question is - were those alterations simply Demus adding his own input, or did they come from elsewhere? The box set doesn't contain a booklet, so there's no information provided.