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Songs of Jean Sibelius

Posted: Fri Jul 16, 2010 4:36 pm
by roger_leon
Greetings..! I had posted under another topic (Scandinavian Vocal Music) about the songs of Jean Sibelius. I have really been thrilled in my exploration of some of these gorgeous works. It was news to me that this master had worked in close association with Ferruccio Busoni in Helsinki, and one of the early products of this relationship was in fact Sibelius's first published work, catalogued as JS167, his little song "Serenad". It was published in a tiny anthology called "Finland Sings!" in about 1887 or so. I cannot find this little charmer anywhere, and I wonder if perhaps any of the esteemed community here might have an errant copy kicking around? I am looking for any version for voice and piano, preferably high voice, although I can make do with anything at all, really.