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Russian Song

Posted: Mon Nov 30, 2009 8:43 pm
by isokani
Blagoy Pushkinskaya tetrad.pdf
Here is a cycle by Dmitry Blagoy on Pushkin. He was a Goldenweiser student. I found it on a rather nice website about him at

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Posted: Sat Apr 16, 2011 4:03 pm
by lutoslawski
Dmitri Blagoy -- 2 posthumously published romances on Tyutchev.


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Posted: Mon Feb 25, 2013 8:43 pm
by caostotale
Sorry for the poor translation attempts...

Pieces by Soviet Composers on Poems by Anna Akhmatova, for voice and piano (1989)

Sergey Sergeyevich PROKOFIEV - Poems (3), op. 27/1-3; 1. 'Room filled with sun...', 2. 'Genuine affection...', 3. 'Memory of the sun...'
Dmitri SMIRNOV - 'Listening to the song'
Vladimir DOVGAN - 'You were always mysterious and new'
Elena Vladimirovna GOKHMAN - Romance
Alexander BLOK - 'Drawing on a book of poems'
A. A. KOZAKEVICH - 'Your white house'
A. A. KOZAKEVICH - 'Blue paint in the sky has faded' (translation?)
N. PIKUL - 'Grey-eyed king'
M. PIKUL - Lamentation
Igor Andreyevich EGIKOV (YEGIKOV) - Komarovo. Sunset, cycle of songs (4); 1. The Bay, 2. Petersburg in 1913, 3. 'And you, my friends!', 4. Finale
Mikhail BRONNER - 'Wide and yellow evening light'
Mikhail BRONNER - Song of the last meeting
Vladimir M. GENIN - 'As shone there and sung'
Leonid Borisovich BOBYLEV - Monologues (6); 1. Confusion, 2., 3., 4. White Night, 5., 6.
Tatyana SMIRNOVA - Wild Rose Blossoms (from Burnt Notebook), cycle of songs (6), op. 67; 1. Prelude, 2. Another Song, 3. While Asleep, 4. Interlude, 5. The First Song, 6. Postlude

Update: Fixed the link!

For completionists, here's the full Prokofiev song cycle from the beginning of the volume. The other two songs are also based on Akhmatova poems (nms):

Sergey Sergeyevich PROKOFIEV - Songs (5) after Akhmatova, for voice and piano, op. 27
Prokofiev - Songs (5) after Akhmatova, for voice and piano, op. 27.pdf

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Posted: Fri Mar 15, 2013 6:46 am
by caostotale
Vocal Duets by Soviet Composers, with piano accompaniment (1968)

Vissarion Yakovlevich SHEBALIN - Hussar, for tenor & baritone, from the music for Lermontov's Masquerade (1939)
Vissarion Yakovlevich SHEBALIN - Romance, for soprano & mezzo-soprano, from the music for Chernyshevsky's The Good Hand Woman to Cook Porridge (1952)
Sergei Vassilyevich YEVSEYEV (EVSEYEV, EVSEEV) - Mustache, Daring Fellows (Bandit), for soprano & baritone, after a Russian folk song
Nikolai Petrovich RAKOV - Quiet Cessna, for soprano & baritone, words by Yu. Polukhna
Vocal Duets by Soviet Composers, with piano acc. (1968).pdf

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Posted: Mon Apr 15, 2013 2:59 pm
by caostotale
Here is a volume of vocal music by the Soviet-era composer Ivannikov. The beginning of this volume has a short Russian bio and a photograph. The bio roughly translates to:
Vladimir Sergeyevich Ivannikov was born in 1906 in Orsha (Belarus). As a child, he learned to play piano under the guidance of his mother, a pianist. Later, he enrolled in the Dnipropetrovsk music school, in the piano class of K. Kaluga. In 1929, he enrolled in the Gnesin Music School in Moscow. Here, his professors were M. F. Gnesin (composition) and G. I. Litinsky (polyphony). He graduated in 1931.

As a young composer, he wrote mostly choral works and popular songs, as well as a number of songs/choruses based on poems by Russian and Soviet poets. As well, he did a great deal of work with the folk musics of the Soviet Union, Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria, and Poland.

In the 1940s, he composed the oratorio 'Warsaw' for chorus and orchestra, a work dedicated to the liberation struggle of the Polish capital. In 1963, he completed a ballet based on Anton Chekhov's 'The Black Monk.'

After the war years, he focused on pedagogical pieces and instrumental music. Amongst these works was a children's ballet 'What is Your Appetite?' Instrumental works include five piano sonatas, five piano sonatinas, chamber pieces, and many children's songs.

Ivannikov's work has always been marked by sincerity. The melodies in his songs always accurately convey the nature of the image he's set out to display, as well as reflecting a deep knowledge of folk culture. In the fields of harmonic and tonality, one can feel his creativity and impeccible taste.
Vladimir Sergeyevich IVANNIKOV
Songs (20), for voice/choir with piano/bayan acc. (1976); 1. Every-Soul Patriot, 2. On the ground I walk my homeland, 3. Bind the hands of war!, 4. In honor ranks, 5. We love you, 6. What are you thinking, man?, 7. Song of the father, 8. On the streets of Moscow, 9. When the Arctic Circle, 10. My amber grain, 11. Schoolteacher, 12. Do not tell anyone, 13. First encounter, 14. Secret (Mazurka), 15. Birch tree above the river, 16. You, grey-eyed, wait for me!, 17. When you come..., 18. Birch, 19. The stream, 20. Snow falls...
Ivannikov - Songs (20), for voice or choir with piano or bayan acc. (1976).pdf

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Posted: Fri May 24, 2013 5:11 pm
by Alex
Someone has posted 7 Poems by Paul Verlaine, Op. 23 by Sergei Bortkiewicz on IMSLP, but unfortunately it is blocked for copyright. It was published in 1925 and is not currently available to purchase, so does someone have this score to share? Also, any other of Bortkiewicz' songs? My wife sings German soprano, so I would try to actually make this music with her.

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Posted: Tue Jun 04, 2013 5:35 pm
by mballan
As promised to Alex......the first of a couple of potential postings of songs by Bortkiewicz [and these are to my knowledge very rare]. A single work, Lisette, plus the Op 56 song cycle 'Im Park' [and apologies, both scores were difficult to get clean scans].

Op 56 'Im Park'
Bortkiewicz - Op 56 Im Park [song cycle].pdf
Lisette Heisst Sie
Bortkiewicz - Lisette (song).pdf

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Posted: Tue Jun 04, 2013 8:29 pm
by fleubis
Here are those Bortkiewicz Op.23 Songs, Alex was asking about. It's 21 megs, so maybe someone can download it & shrink it.

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Posted: Tue Jun 04, 2013 8:45 pm
by Jim Faston
fleubis wrote:Here are those Bortkiewicz Op.23 Songs, Alex was asking about. It's 21 megs, so maybe someone can download it & shrink it.
Many thanks for these. I just noticed that they are now unblocked at IMSLP for Canada.

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Posted: Wed Jun 05, 2013 6:03 pm
by mballan
Final song cycle I have by Bortkiewicz - Op 62 Sternflug des herzens. Score is an original so fragile and difficult to scan but think its come up with a fairly clean copy.
Bortkiewicz - Op 62 Sternflug des herzens [song cycle].pdf
Alex - the only remaining songs I have are all in manuscript and are too large / fragile for my scanner. I will try to find a way to scan these and post here shortly. If you can create any better copies in time, then would be eternally grateful; I worked with Thadani on the printed version of the Op 66 two preludes, so know how difficult it can be trying to read / interpret these manuscripts.

Also very keen to hear any performance you and your wife undertake of any of the songs.