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Re: Music for Flute

Posted: Thu May 09, 2019 4:11 pm
by mballan
Aleksey Fedorovich Kozlovsky. Born 1905, Kyiv : died 1977, Tashkent. Soviet / Russian composer, conductor and teacher. Honoured Artist of the RSFSR (1944), and People’s Artist of the Uzbek SSR (1955).

Great-grandson of the Polish cellist Anton Szymanski. In 1923 he moved to Moscow, and studied with Yavorsky at the First State Music College founded by him. In 1931 he graduated from the Moscow Conservatoire after studies in composition with Myaskovsky, counterpoint with Zhilayev, and instrumentation with Vasilenko.

As a conductor he studied with V Suk, and then a further three years with Hessin. From 1931-1933, was the conductor of the Stanislavsky Opera Theatre. In 1936 he was exiled for 3 years to Tashkent, where he became interested in the culture of the East and remained in Tashkent until the end of his life.

From 1938-1941, the conductor of the Uzbek Opera and Ballet Theater, and from 1949-1963, was the chief conductor and artistic director of the Symphony Orchestra of the Uzbek Philharmonic. From 1943 he taught at the Tashkent Conservatoire (from 1957, professor in composition and conducting classes, in 1949-1954 and from 1962 head of the composition department, and from 1972 on instrumentation.

Kozlovsky A - Oriole for Flute & Piano (fs+part).pdf

Re: Music for Flute

Posted: Wed May 15, 2019 10:30 am
by mballan
From Georgian music site: Aleksandr Vasil’yevich Shaverzashvili (1919 - 2003)

Shaverzashvili A - Concert Scherzo for Flute & Piano (fs+part 1985).pdf

Re: Music for Flute

Posted: Sat May 18, 2019 8:29 am
by mballan
Shokhida Rakhmanova. Uzbek composer (no further information known to date).

Rakhmanova S - 'Warbler' for Solo Flute.pdf

Re: Music for Flute

Posted: Sat May 18, 2019 8:32 am
by mballan
Felix Markovich Yanos-Yanovsky. Born 1934, Tashkent. Uzbek composer and teacher.

In 1957 he graduated from the Tashkent Conservatoire after studies in violin with Bronfman, and then again in 1959 after studies in composer with Nadezhdina.

From 1952-54, worked in the orchestra of the Drama Theatre in Gorky, from 1954-64 with the State Symphony Orchestra and from 1964-70 in the string quartet with Uzbekistan Radio. During some of this period (1957-61) was an accompanist with the class chamber ensemble with the Tashkent Conservatoire, and from 1961 began to teach at the conservatoire (associate professor from 1977 and professor of the department of composition and instrumentation from 1988). From 1974-80 became Dean of the faculty of music theory, and from 1979-86 as head of the department of composition and instrumentation.

Honoured Artist of Uzbekisatan (1988), Laureate of the Union of Youth of Uzbekistan (1986), also received awards for his contribution to the development of culture and art in Uzbekistan (2008).

From 1971, member of the Board of the SKUz, and since 1991 member of the Cinematographers Union of Uzbekistan. From 1982-91 was a consultant to the Seminar for Young Composers in the House of Creativity ‘Ivanovo’.

Yanov-Yanovsky F - Waltz for Flute & Piano (fs).pdf
Yanov-Yanovsky F - Waltz for Flute & Piano (flute part).pdf