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Re: Alfor's Rarities

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FW190 wrote: Fri Nov 12, 2021 5:58 pm btw.
On IMSLP exist a clown named "Jacopo Tore" who uploaded all Alfor scans to the "Petrucci library", but "tacked" with his own name.
Tore, just in the kindergarten I learned: Bad style leads to bad karma.
Many of my scans - especially of Russian scores - have been posted on IMSLP over time with no credit to myself (often involving many hours of research, investigation, and cost). As an open forum it is just one of those things I have to accept.

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Re: Alfor's Rarities

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Dear Malc (and of course dear Timtin),

thanks you for your answers. Of course I know that this is the Internet, and that's just how it works. And I have NO problem with it! Many of my files are in the Petrucci libraray, many of them are from the previous incarnations of PP. And somehow it is also good that these pieces are visible and playable for the whole world - and not only for us. Some of the IMLSP-uploaders were nice enough to ask if they are allowed to do that and what to call the scanner. My normal answer was my scanner name on IMSLP is: scanner: unknown. Most of the uploader didn't ask of course. But it doesn't matter, that's how the internet works.

We are all no angels in this regard. How many libraries I have already plundered without asking whether it is right or not. Without asking whether I may post the things here or elsewhere - or not. And I've also always forgotten to tell the libraries that their security measures are - well - laughable.

What bothers me and led me to my initial post was the fact that the creature mentioned at the beginning names the files as if they came from her and not from Alfor and PP.

Or as a summary: I hate profile neurotics. Thanks for your attention.
In Bach we trust.
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