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Re: Russian & Soviet Composers - Part 3

Posted: Wed Mar 13, 2019 4:33 pm
by ilu

Best regards.

Re: Russian & Soviet Composers - Part 3

Posted: Thu Mar 14, 2019 9:12 am
by mballan
And yet another new composer to me: Galina Anatol’evna Nasypnaya. Have no dates, but she studied and graduated from the Leningrad Conservatoire. Russian pianist, musicologist and composer. Currently associate professor at the conservatoire.

Pieces for Piano (2012)
1. Columbine and her friends
2. Day and Evening
3. Scherzino
4. Burlesque
5. Inside and Out

Nasypnaya G - Pieces for Piano (2012).pdf

Re: Russian & Soviet Composers - Part 3

Posted: Thu Mar 14, 2019 9:35 am
by Jim Faston
Anyone with No.6, Le Saltimbanque from Gretchaninov's Op.133 Album d'Andrucha? It appears to be missing from our current scan. Thanks.

Re: Russian & Soviet Composers - Part 3

Posted: Sun Mar 17, 2019 8:57 am
by mballan
Another new composer to me: Irina Igorevna Stepanova-Boroskaya. Ukrainian composer and teacher. Studied at Odesa Conservatoire. Have no dates or futher information but she has shared a number of her scores on-line which I duly have shared here, as well as the album I found.

Stepanova-Borovskaya I - Pieces for Piano (Op 15-21).pdf
1. Morning Dream from Op 15
2. Nice Little Waltz from Op 15
3. Blues ‘New York Dreams’ from Op 15
4. Nocturne No. 8 from Op 16
5. Undine from Op 16
6. Prelude No. 17 (on one note) from Op 17
7. Spring in the yard (for voice & piano) from Op 17
8. Waltz in B major from Op 18
9. Adagio from Op 19
10. Octave Etude No. 5 from Op 19
11. Three Sonatinas (A major, D minor & F major) from Op 20
12. Octave Etude No. 6 from Op 21
13. Waltz for the story of Dina Rubina ‘Scarf’ from Op 21
14. Fantasie on the themes of two Ukrainian Songs from Op 10
Stepanova-Borovskaya I - Breath.pdf
Stepanova-Borovskaya I - Fantasie based on a Waltz theme by Vladimir Drozdov.pdf
Stepanova-Borovskaya I - Fantasie in C# minor ‘Lord, save and have mercy on us’ [based on a theme by Vladimir Drozdov].pdf
Stepanova-Borovskaya I - Larghetto.pdf
Stepanova-Borovskaya I - Mazurka No. 5.pdf
Stepanova-Borovskaya I - Nocturne No. 1.pdf
Stepanova-Borovskaya I - Nocturne No. 2 'In the style of Chopin'.pdf
Stepanova-Borovskaya I - Nocturne No. 3.pdf
Stepanova-Borovskaya I - Nocturne No. 4.pdf
Stepanova-Borovskaya I - Nocturne No. 6.pdf
Stepanova-Borovskaya I - Op 2 Prelude No. 1.pdf
Stepanova-Borovskaya I - Op 6 Nocturne No. 5 'Summer'.pdf
Stepanova-Borovskaya I - Op 10 Nocturne No. 7.pdf
Stepanova-Borovskaya I - Prelude No. 3.pdf
Stepanova-Borovskaya I - Prelude No. 4.pdf
Stepanova-Borovskaya I - Prelude No. 10 on a theme of the romance ‘Mountain Peaks’ by V. Drozdov.pdf
Stepanova-Borovskaya I - Prelude No. 14 'Awakening Stars'.pdf
Stepanova-Borovskaya I - Ragtime 'Premonitions of Spring'.pdf
Stepanova-Borovskaya I - Recollections.pdf
Stepanova-Borovskaya I - Red Rose.pdf
Stepanova-Borovskaya I - 'Shining Stars' based on a theme by Vladimir Drozdov.pdf
Stepanova-Borovskaya I - Tango 'Evening by the Sea'.pdf
Stepanova-Borovskaya I - Tango 'Retro'.pdf

Re: Russian & Soviet Composers - Part 3

Posted: Sun Mar 17, 2019 4:11 pm
by ilu

Thank you so much, it is a great musical Sunday!

Re: Russian & Soviet Composers - Part 3

Posted: Mon Mar 18, 2019 8:38 am
by mballan
Thank you Ilu...yes, her work is quite approachable and easily playable for most pianists.

Stefaniya Anatol’evna Zaranek (1904 - 1962) - back in 2011 I posted her Op 2 piano sonata (page 41 of this thread), here are her Op 4 Miniatures.


Zaranek S - Op 4 Five Miniatures (1929).pdf

Re: Russian & Soviet Composers - Part 3

Posted: Tue Mar 19, 2019 5:27 pm
by mballan
An album of four Belarus composers, all who are new to me. I have found more works by one of the composers in the album - Galina Gorelova - and will post these in the next few days.

Translation of Index.

Piano Works of Modern Belarusian composers (2015)
S. Beltyukov – Five Etudes
1. Etude No. 1
2. Etude No. 2
3. Etude No. 3
4. Etude No. 4
5. Etude No. 5
G. Gorelova – The Sleepy Elephant (Piano Pieces for 4 Hands)
6. Sleepy Elephant
7. Mouse Hunting
8. I saw a Giraffe! (unfinished dialogue)
9. A Horse with a Pink Mane
V. Voytik - Winter Holidays (piano cycle)
10. Snowflakes are Spinning
11. Winter Walk
12. Lullaby Blizzards
13. New Year's Dance
14. Grandfather Frost
15. Snow Maiden
16. Gifts are Being Brought!
17. New Barbie Doll
18. Christmas Tale
V. Domoratsky - Five Pieces
19. Fun Journey
20. Chant
21. Joke
22. Dance
23. Waltz
G. Gorelova - Sonatina
24. I -
25. II Choral
26. III Perpetuo moto

Piano Works of Modern Belarusian Composers (2015).pdf

Re: Russian & Soviet Composers - Part 3

Posted: Thu Mar 21, 2019 8:19 am
by mballan
One of the composers listed in the above Belarus album, is Galina Gorelova. Whilst looking for biographical data on-line, I came across several of her other pieces (many for younger pianists). So bio and works list below plus some scores. In the album are the following works:
1. Figures from Coloured Paper
2. Aleshin's Corner
3. Four Portraits
4. Three Landscapes
5. Three Japanese Miniatures on Silk
6. ‘The Merry Shoemaker’ for Piano & 4 hands
7. ‘Song of the Dormant Reed’ for Piano & 4 hands
Gorelova G - Album of Piano Works.pdf
Further works scattered alongside the list of works below.

I have translated as best as I can but Belarusian is slightly different to Russian (both use the cyrillic alphabet), although Belarusian has more characters but different word structure. Anyone with a better knowledge of Belarusian is welcomed to let me know what I may have got wrong. Some words I just could not translate (even with Google) !


Galina Konstantinovna Gorelova. Born 1951, Minsk. Belarus composer - member of the Union of Composers of Belarus, laureate of the State Prize of the Republic of Belarus, Honored Art Worker.

From 1972, Gorelova studied at the Belarusian State Conservatoire – composition under Smolsky- she graduated in 1977. Further studies under the guidance of Bogatyryov, where in 1979 she graduated with honors from an assistant training course and was sent to work as a teacher at the Baranavichy Music School. In parallel, for seven years she attended master classes under Fortunatov at the Moscow State Conservatoire.

Since 1980, Gorelova has been a teacher, and since 2009 a professor: from April 2013 as head of the Composition Department of the Belarusian State Conservatoire.

Four Portraits (1981) - see album
1. Person passing by in the night
2. Organ grinder
3. The Stranger
4. The tired violinist

Three Japanese Miniatures on Silk (1987) - see album + separate upload
Gorelova G - Three Japanese Miniatures on Silk (1987).pdf

Four Inventions ‘The Old Castle’ (1987)
1. Ballade of the Old Castle
2. Sunbeams on Charapitsy
3. Portrait of a Comedian
4. White mists over the lake (Reflection)
Gorelova G - Four Inventions 'The Old Castle' (1987).pdf

‘Aleshin Corner’ Album for Children (1988) - see album
1. Spoiled Vauchok
2. Sad history
3. Through Vodarastsi – the Goldfish
4. Insincere complaint
5. Crow on Slizkov’s roof
6. Gadinnik Cuckcoo

‘Figures from Colored Paper’ Suite for Children (1991) - see album
1. Gnome in a red kaupachku
2. Skok taustuna
3. Pantamima’s green klounau
4. Palace made from foil
5. Brown Africans
6. Sliver sails
7. Orange likhtaryki
8. Small paper soldier
9. King & Queen
10. Lilac butterfly
11. Paper zhuraulik
12. Imp with napkins
13. White Chrysanthemums
14. Dragonfly, as transparent as Ildinka
15. Paper ballerina

‘The Merry Shoemaker’ for Piano & 4 hands (1991) - see album

‘Song of the Dormant Reed’ for Piano & 4 hands (1991) - see album

Miniature ‘Old Motive’ (1992)

Miniature ‘Solar Bell Tower’ (1992)

‘Three Landscapes’ for Children (1992) - see album
1. Our yard looks sad in the pouring rain
2. A drive in his gradfather’s automobile
3. Landscape with birds flying away

‘Evening Album’ Suite (1995)
- A path that is lost in the twilight
- Handicrafts
- Ptushko in Verhavinah
Gorelova G - Three Pieces from 'Evening Album' (1995).pdf

Piano Sonata ‘To the Soaring Bird’ (1995)

Four Sentimental Memories (1996)
Gorelova G - Four Sentimental Memories (1996).pdf

‘Landscapes’ Suite (1997)

‘Sunday Music’ for Two Pianos (1997)

Two Temptations of Adam (1998)

‘Four Seasons’ Suite (1999)

‘Drawings on a Greek Vase’ Suite (2001)

‘Landscape with an Apple Tree’ Suite (2004)

‘Street Rhythms’ Concert Piece (2004)

‘Songs of an Old Mill’ Suite for Children (2004)
1. Ballade about Melnikov’s Daughter
2. Bird’s Dinner
3. Evening Melody
4. Motive of the Grinding Millstone
5. Sprin, Spin, Waterwheel
Gorelova G - 'Songs of the Old Mill' Suite for Children (2004).pdf

Suite ‘Ten Fairies’ for Piano & 4 hands (2005)
1. Silence in the fairy forest
2. Carefree song of the fairies
3. Rational conversation of the fairies
4. Feast of the fairies
5. Fairy in a boat
6. Fairy with a harp
7. Teasing fairy
8. Snow fairy’s evening
9. The Fairy’s fast dog
10. Lullaby of the fairies
Gorelova G - Suite 'Ten Fairies' for Piano & 4 hands (2005).pdf

Six Pieces in Syncopated Rhythms ‘Music of the City’ for Two Pianos (2005)

Fantasy ‘Next summer in Nesabre ...’ (2006)

‘Graffiti’ Concert Piece (2009)
Gorelova G - Concert Piece 'Graffiti' (2009).pdf

Miniature ‘Island of a Thousand Temples’ (2009)
Gorelova G - Miniature 'Island of a thousand temples' (2009).pdf

Miniature ‘Sempre Piano’ (2009)

Three Motives of Childhood for Piano & 4 hands (2010)

Album for Christmas – Piece for Children (2011)

Eleven Pieces for ‘Little Anthony Nota’ Suite for Children (2011)

‘Elegy of Mid-April’ Suite (2012)

Small Variations on an Unknown Motive” (2012)

Sonatina (2013) - see Belarus Album
I -
II Choral
III Perpetuo moto

The Sleepy Elephant – Pieces for the Young for Piano & 4 Hands - see Belarus Album
1. Sleepy Elephant
2. Mouse Hunting
3. I saw a Giraffe! (unfinished dialogue)
4. A Horse with a Pink Mane

Re: Russian & Soviet Composers - Part 3

Posted: Sat Mar 23, 2019 8:08 am
by mballan
Another new composer to me: Grigoriy Fedorovich Surus. Born 1942, Ulan-Uhde. Composer. Honoured artist of BSSR (1985).

Graduated in 1969 from Belorussian Conservatoire, after studies in composition with Bogatyrev. Further studies from 1973 with Leman at the St Petersburg (Leningrad) Conservatoire.

Surus G - 'Of Preludes to Variations' Works for Piano (2015).pdf

'Of Preludes to Variations' Works for Piano (2015) [works taken from various albums]
1. A leisurely story
2. A sad smile
3. A cheerful smile
4. Raindrops
5. A game with jumps
6. A dance “Cola”
7. A landscape in haze
8. A polka joke
9. A waltz of dolls
10. A cheerful mood
11. March
12. Impromptu
13. Autumn landscape
14. Fresh wind
15. Dream
16. Sketch-teaser
17. Prelude on the theme ‘S-mi-la (H-e-la)’
18. Watercolor
19. Joke
20. Graceful Dance
21. Polymetric Dance
22. Morning on the River
23. Sentimental Moments
Two Dodecaphonic Pieces
24. Monologue
25. Exquisite waltz
Prelude and Fugue
26. Prelude
27. Fugue
28. Chromatic Toccata
29. Suite ‘Spring Motifs’
I. Nature slumbers
II. Avian hooter
III. Quiet evening
IV. Anticipation spring
V. Nature Awakening
30. Toccata "Tunes"
31. Rasp
32. Toccata "Gust of Wind"
33. Scherzo
34. Variations
35. Concert Waltz
36. Six Moods
37. Rondo-Fantasie on Belarus themes

Re: Russian & Soviet Composers - Part 3

Posted: Sun Mar 24, 2019 8:46 am
by mballan
Lyazzat Alpysbayevna Zhumanova. Born 1971, Jambul. Kazakh composer and teacher. Member of the Union of Composers of Kazakhstan, Member of Creative Women of Kazakhstan.

She studied violin at the Children's Music School from 1977-1984. In 1986, she continued her studies at the Semipalatinsk Musical College under the guidance of Myrzhykbaev Rakhimgali Tursynbekovich. At the same time she took composition lessons from composer Temіrzhan Bazarbayev.

In 1990 she entered the Alma-Ata State Conservatoire to study composition with Zhubanova.

From 1999 to the present, she has been working at the Semipalatinsk Musical College as a teacher of theoretical disciplines. Has also written several text book on music theory for students.

Translations below with each post - plus an album of works for 4 hands & two pianos in 4 hands thread, and an album of violin & piano music in that thread.


Zhumanova L - Album No. 1 for Piano (2012).pdf
Piano Album No. 1 (2012)
1. Prelude No. 1
2. Prelude No. 2
3. Prelude No. 3
4. Prelude No. 4
5. Prelude No. 5
6. Snow Music
7. Dewdrop
8. Sakura
9. Ancient Castle
10. Dance
11. Procession of Elephants
12. Beatles Song
13. Song without Words
14. Fiction
15. Spring Waltz
16. Butterflies
17. On the Wave
18. Nauryz
19. Waiting
20. Fantasy
21. She’s Here
22. Piece
23. Autumn
24. Oriental Dance
25. Swan Song
26. Nostalgia
27. Bells Chiming
28. Road in the Old City
29. Eastern Chant

Zhumanova L - Album No. 2 for Piano (2014).pdf
Piano Album No. 2 (2014)
1. ‘Childhood’ Suite
a. The Cradle Lullaby
b. The Camel
c. The Machine
d. You mother can do it
e. Canon
f. Zhailau
g. Evening
2. Up the Ladder
3. The Swing
4. Playing
5. Night
6. Hours
7. The Hedgehog
8. The Dove
9. Rain
10. Flood
11. Polka
12. We’re going to go
13. March
14. Moonlight
15. Fireflies
16. River of Time
17. There on Green Hills
18. The Sadness of the Wind
19. In a Russian Style
20. In a Mysterious Cave
21. Waltz of Sorrows
22. Imitating the Blues
23. Mindful Dance
24. Autumn Waltz
25. Childhood
26. Luckily
27. Prelude to Silence
28. Evening Breeze
29. Spring Drops
30. Walking in the Clouds
31. Meditation
32. Wintery Autumn
33. Tune
34. Antique Clock
35. Excited Soul

Fantasie 'In Memory of Bazarbayev' (2015)
Zhumanova L - Fantasie 'In Memory of Bazarbayev' (2015).pdf